About SWBG

The Stop Workplace Bullying Group (SWBG) is based in San Francisco, California. Our goal is to inform, educate and support workers in Northern California who are being bullied on the job. Through educational forums, videos, and direct action campaigns we work to bring awareness to and eradicate workplace bullying. Our group meetings are held monthly from 5:45 pm until 7:30 pm at the San Francisco Public Library located at 100 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

A Silent Epidemic

According to Psychology Today, workplace bullying has become a silent epidemic in North America, one that has huge hidden costs in terms of employee well being and productivity. Also known as psychological harassment or emotional abuse, bullying involves the conscious repeated effort to wound and seriously harm another person not with violence, but with words and actions. Bullying damages the physical, emotional and mental health of the person who is targeted.

Workplace bullies abuse power, bring misery to his/her target and endeavor to steal the target’s self-confidence. Bullies often involve others using many tactics such as blaming for errors, unreasonable work demands, insults, putdowns, stealing credit, threatening job loss, and discounting accomplishments.

The Healthy Workplace Bill

The Stop Workplace Bullying Group, in collaboration with the California Healthy Workplace Advocates and the Workplace Bullying Institute, are in support of the enactment of the Healthy Workplace Bill in California.

We stand to fight against workplace bullying!  If you are interested in joining or supporting our efforts, please contact Steve Zeltzer of SWBG at (415)282-1908.